About Malabar Neem

Seed sowing:

It is best to sow seeds during March – April. Vegetative propagation is also used in some cases.

Cultivating Area:

Malabar neem is a species having a place with the neem crew. This tree is known for its quick development. As of late the ranchers around Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala.

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Different names :

Kannada- Hebbevu or Kadubevu

Telugu-Konda Vepa,

Tamil – Malai vembu,

Malayalam – Malavembu

Oriya – Batra.

Scientific name – Melia Dubia.

  1. Fast growing tree species.
  2. Termite resistant.
  3. Best wood with multiple uses .
  4. Best choice for combined agrofarming.

Various Uses Of Malabar Neem


Melia is a good agroforestry species and supports a variety of crops throughout its cultivation period. Ground nut, chilli, turmeric, black gram, papaya, banana, melon, sugarcane, as inter crops are being successfully cultivated. The species performs exceedingly well when planted on bunds, attaining the harvestable size within four years.


Malabar Neem, being a natural pest resistant, is used in agricultural sector as organic pesticide. Its leaves are mixed with urea and then distributed by the Government of India to curb corruption in the urea sector.

Fire Wood

Malabar Neem wood is widely used as a fuel wood in countries like Australia. Since the Melia dubia tree is a fast growing species and has a high calorific value, it naturally proposes itself as a good fire wood. 

Supporting Plant

The Malabar Neem is used as a supporting plant extensively with high value plantations like sandal wood tree plantations which are prone to many pests due to their aromatic heart wood. Malabar neem helps control the amount of pest attacks on Sandal wood due to its pest repellent qualities.

Commercial Uses

Malabar Neem is one of the most valuable commodity compared to other soft woods because of its anti-termite qualities. This is the reason why it is widely used as a plywood material. The tender wood cut before three years is also used for paper making and which makes it a better alternative for spruce and pine tree woods which are comparatively costly.

Other Uses

The wood is used for packing cases, cigar boxes, ceiling planks, building purposes, agricultural implements, pencils, match box, making of boats, musical instruments, tea boxes.

This plant is utilized as a part of paper industry, upto 3 years of its life (keeping pace with eucalyptus or subabul).But, from 5 years old onwards, Malabar Neem will be utilized as a part of the plywood business, and henceforth its worth goes up generously. Past 10 years, it is utilized as timber, further expanding its quality.

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