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Malabarneem.com is a subsidiary web site launched by Gundlupet Malabar neem community to educate people on Melia dubia plantation(Malabar neem plantation) and to promote Malabar neem soft wood business across the world.

We are bringing all Melia dubia plantation owners and aspiring farmers into a single platform. Gundlupet Malabar neem community was formed in Gundlupet to educate farmers to grow malabar neem saplings and trees scientifically to increase productivity as well as quality.

Gundlupet is the leading m Malabar neem supplier in the country and is growing exponentially to meet the demand of the Malabar neem cultivators. It has emerged as the biggest Malabar neem saplings suppliers to all the Malabar neem buyers all across India.

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  • 1965
  • 1976
  • 2001
  • 2017
Malabar Neem gets categorized as one of the best supporting trees for agroforestry cultivation. Farmers and plantation owners started realizing its commercial potential in the late 60s and started pursuing its potential in the main stream plantation business. The tree’s use in the ply wood business boosted both the demand and price of the wood exponentially. Malabar neem wood satisfies nearly 30% of the ply wood industry demand in the world.
Government of India rolls out a plan for social forestry programme to reforest our depleted forest lands and to expand forest cover in the other barren lands. The term, social forestry, was first used in 1976 by The National Commission on Agriculture, Government of India. It was then that India embarked upon the social forestry project with the aim of taking the pressure off currently existing forests by planting trees on all unused lands. Malabar Neem being a fast growing species, grows nearly 40 feet just after two years of plantation, so it was widely included in the reforestation programmes.
Gundlupet taluk of Chamarajnagar in Karnataka becomes one of the leading suppliers of Malabar neem plant saplings. Today, farmers of Gundlupet have mastered the art of planting and maintaining Malabar Neem nurseries and are now supplying Malabar neem saplings all across the country.

Malabarneem.com web site was built to guide and educate the Malabar neem plantation owners. This website is serving thousands of people every year as their one stop solution to all Malabar neem related enquiries.

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